# Quick reference

WidthwSets the width of the image, in pixels.info
HeighthSets the height of the image, in pixels.info
Device pixel ratiodprSets the output density of the image.info
FitfitSets how the image is fitted to its target dimensions.info
Contain backgroundcbgSets the background color when using &fit=contain.info
Without enlargementweDo not enlarge the image.info
Alignment positionaSets how the image is aligned.info
Rectangle cropcropCrops the image to specific dimensions.info
Pre-resize cropprecropA pre-resize crop behaviour.info
TrimtrimTrim "boring" pixels from all edges.info
MaskingmaskSets the mask type from a predefined list.info
Mask trimmtrimRemoves the remaining whitespace from the mask.info
Mask backgroundmbgSets the background color of the mask.info
FlipflipFlip the image about the vertical Y axis.info
FlopflopFlop the image about the horizontal X axis.info
RotationroRotates the image.info
Rotation backgroundrbgSets the background color when rotating by arbitrary angles.info
BackgroundbgSets the background color of the image.info
BlurblurAdds a blur effect to the image.info
ContrastconAdjusts the image contrast.info
FilterfiltApplies a filter effect to the image.info
GammagamAdjusts the image gamma.info
ModulatemodTransforms the image using brightness, saturation and hue rotation.info
SaturationsatAdjusts the saturation of the image.info
Hue rotationhueApplies a hue rotation to the image.info
SharpensharpSharpen the image.info
TinttintTint the image.info
Adaptive filterafA filter algorithm that can be applied before compression.info
Base64 (data URL)encodingEncodes the image to be used directly in the src= of the <img>-tag.info
Cache-ControlmaxageHow long an image should be cached by the browser.info
Compression levellThe zlib compression level.info
Default imagedefaultRedirects to a default image when there is a problem loading an image.info
FilenamefilenameTo specify the filename.info
Interlace / progressiveilAdds interlacing to GIF and PNG. JPEG's become progressive.info
Number of pagesnTo select the the number of pages to render.info
OutputoutputEncodes the image to a specific format.info
PagepageTo load a given page.info
QualityqDefines the quality of the image.info